Stewardship Campaign

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The goal

In October 2022, Mount Olivet experienced a serious fire that caused extensive damage to the community's main building. Just as the congregation was returning to normal after covid, this event meant Mount Olivet would, yet again, have to pivot and figure out how to do "church". For the next year, the congregation rallied to support the church and each other through acts of service and financial contributions. The theme for the 2024 stewardship campaign was "Rebuild, Reconnect, and Rejoice" — to encourage members by reminding them of how far they've come and get them excited about where God is leading them. A worldwide pandemic and major fire can't keep this community down, and the stewardship team wanted materials to reflect that — a theme that is vibrant, eye-catching, and moves people to action. Deliverables included: an 8-page booklet, an envelope, stickers, estimate of giving cards, a webpage, and thank you cards.

The process

I first chose the color palette — orange to catch the eye and bring a sense of joy and shades of green to reflect growth and resiliency. I used subtle patterns to help convey the theme — graph paper as a nod to rebuilding, reverberating circles to support the desire for connection, a starburst to highlight the importance of rejoicing, and a beehive structure to display strength and solidarity.

The stewardship team sent me financial and membership statistics to use in the booklet — I formatted these like an infographic so they were easy to scan and understand. One of the big lifts for this project was creating a sliding scale on the webpage that members could use to calculate their giving increase. When a user slides the scale to their current giving, it will display the value increased by 10% and 20%. This helps users to financially prepare before submitting their online estimates of giving.



2-week turnaround, remote collaboration

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