Red Cross Ad Campaign

Personal Project
Digital Artwork
The goal

Every so often I'll visit the Sharpen website to generate a random design prompt — it's a fun way to exercise new skills and branch out from usual work. This challenge entailed creating an ad campaign, both print and digital, for the American Red Cross. I added on the additional element of completing the challenge in under an hour. Because why not. :)

The process

After browsing the Red Cross website, I brainstormed campaign ideas ranging from smoke detector installations to CPR training. I read on their website that there is a shortage of type O blood. The iconic red cross and letter O got me thinking about tic-tac-toe and I decided to run with that theme. Blood donation is essential to public health and is only made possible by personal choice, so I thought a play on "your move" would work as a nod toward the game, but also to encourage people to donate.

I've recently fallen in love with 3D design and figured this would be a great use for it. I created the 3D icons in Illustrator, giving them a harsh shadow and noisey texture for added interest.


This was a great challenge and highlights why I love tools like Sharpen.


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