Flare Tracker

App Development
The goal

Many people with rheumatoid arthritis also live with intense brain fog, ADHD, or other neurodivergencies that make it difficult to track flares on a routine basis. Current flare tracking apps utilize outdated assessment methods and/or require users to log on a consistent basis. The few that do track helpful information are clunky and dull. I am currently designing and developing an app, with the help of a brilliant developer friend, to address the need for a flare tracker that allows patients to enter data as they remember, track the data that matters, and most importantly, feel seen.

The process

I run a TikTok account dedicated to helping others with RA — this incredible community will serve as the population for all user personas and usability testing, and will help perfect the assessment portion of this app so we can capture data that will make a difference at their next appointment.

I conducted preliminary research through a Google Form that was given to my following on TikTok. Early results from over 160 participants show: 100% of users report their neurodivergency impacts their ability to manage the disease, 75% of users find RA assessments like the DAS28 and HAQ to be pointless or feel indifferent to them, 74% of users wish their doctor better understood how their life is impacted by RA, 60% of users do not currently track their disease. A high need that wasn't originally on my radar is mental health. Over 70% of participants report heightened anxiety levels during a flare with many self-reporting that their rheumatologist has never even broached the subject during an appointment.


We are in the early stages of research and design and will move into user testing soon. The app will be available for iOS in late 2023.


UX Research & Wireframing: Figma, Miro, Google Forms

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