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The goal

Mount Olivet is an inclusive Methodist congregation in Arlington, VA with frequent new visitors, many citing the Mount Olivet website as a deciding factor in whether or not to visit. However, the website was limited in features, hard to navigate, and lacked the SEO power necessary to attract new members. To address these issues, I designed and developed a new responsive website using Webflow.

The process

The design process began with a comprehensive analysis of the old website. I looked at user flows, identified pain points, and conducted a competitive analysis to see what similar organizations were doing online and how we could differentiate Mount Olivet. Once I had a clear understanding of our needs and the competitive landscape, I created wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to test different design concepts and ensure that the website was easy to navigate, visually appealing, and looked great on all devices.

I worked with the Mount Olivet team to ensure that the website met ministry needs, including the ability to manage and update content easily. One of the biggest challenges we faced was creating a design that could accommodate all the information Mount Olivet needed to include on the website — dozens of events, announcements, and groups. I had to find a way to organize the content logically and make it easy to find, without overwhelming the user. Another challenge was optimizing the website for search engines. The old website had a lot of unrelated information on each page, which made it challenging to rank for specific keywords. Using Webflow's CMS, I was able to give each event, announcement, and group it's own webpage, allowing us to target relevant keywords and optimize each page for search engines.


The new website has increased engagement and attracted new visitors to the organization. Website traffic has increased by over *25%, the percentage of new sessions increased by *18%, Mount Olivet is now the highest ranked Methodist church on Google when searching "methodist church Arlington VA" and now ranks on the first page of searches including "inclusivity" and "church in Arlington". *Oct '21-Apr '22 vs. Oct '22-Apr '23.


Webflow, Figma, Userway Accessibility, limited budget and time.

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