My Father's Grace

Book Cover Design
Digital Artwork
Web Design
The goal

To create a cover for My Father’s Grace that conveys the transformative power of the grace of God, connects to Jeff’s story, and is both timeless and on-trend. I was also tasked with creating a landing page to drive traffic and SEO rankings.

The process

The artwork is a composite of multiple images, finely edited to produce a striking waterfall illuminated by light — an original idea from Jeff based on a vision that came to him.

I worked alongside an editor from the publishing house to complete this project, relying on their decades of expertise to tweak typography and strengthen the imagery.


You can find My Father's Grace in various bookstores, including Amazon and Bookshop. My Father's Grace is now the second result on Google when you search "my fathers grace", ranking higher than popular hymns.


Kindle Direct Publishing, 6x9 Wraparound Cover with Spine and Back

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