RC Co.

The goal

No matter your feelings about cannabis, the criminalization of it upholds systems of racism, classism, and keeps disabled people like myself from potentially life-changing medicine. I created this fictional brand to help remove the stigma around cannabis and to celebrate the small victories we're seeing in the legalization process, including in my state, Virginia. The goal for this brand was to give Rappahannock Cannabis Co. a home within your neighborhood, to make it seem like it's always been a part of the routine — no different than your favorite coffee or book shop.

The process

I chose Cooper Black, first created in 1922, as the typeface for this project because it immediately invites nostalgia. The tight kerning and muddied edges lend to the idea that RC Co. has weathered many years.

The Rappahannock river holds a special place in my heart for its ability to teach us about life — what's important, what can wait, why we should believe something good is around the bend. I used this imagery to guide the voice of the brand, alluding to similar properties of cannabis.



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