Divinity Is Your Willingness To Go Against The Grain

Tales of an earth that ends
Sense of impending doom
Why do we have this sick desire
To see the earth in ruins

Who are we when we wake up
Who are we when we lie down
Who are we, where within the middle, we claim God can't be found

What if the cosmos and beyond
Was formed by our sincere wonder
Beauty and mystery
In proportion to what we think
When we are laying down at night
Staring at the ceiling

Together we find pieces
Of who we really are
Together we are vulnerable
And closer to Her heart

Alone we sit in a waiting room
Expecting to be found
Expecting that the world around us
Will stop for one small wound

But divinity is in the smallest places
Divinity is your pain
Divinity is your willingness to go against the grain

For God alone is what creates
God alone is maker
God alone can take your doom
And create worlds of _____________.


We feel with words which have no definition
Call it intuition
It's our navigation in a world that leaves us out

We have these feelings which have no roots
They came from somewhere
I'm not sure where
But they came and so we will nurture like we do

There is no separation between our head and our heart
They were sewed together from the start

It is our mystery
It is our mantle
The saints in heaven cheering
"Feminine, eternal."